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Nov 7, 2022

Renee San Souci – Member of the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska and Iowa

In this episode of the Water for Food Podcast, DWFI Director of Communications Frances Hayes caught up with Renee San Souci at the 2022 Platte River Basin Conference in Kearney, Nebraska. Renee was a featured speaker at the conference, providing a tribal perspective on creating vibrant, resilient solutions for the future of the people and wildlife who depend on the Platte River. The Platte Rivers runs through Nebraska and is a braided 310-mile-long tributary of the Missouri River.
Renee is a member of the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska, an educator, and a poet. She is dedicated to Native youth suicide prevention, language revitalization, community healing and restoring spiritual connections to the Sky and the Earth through native teachings. Renee shares her journey to becoming an educator and her perspective on water as a native woman.